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Details of Rearing

The Rearing... really important for us. In former times we had also the problems with long-term consequences of poor breeding of our purchased sport-horses and we have the opinion that prospective sport horses need optimal conditions of rearing.










Therefore the following points are very important:

  • No early births in the year, so that the foals are able to be outside from the first day. From April/May the broodmares and foals are in the pasture for day and night
  • High-class feeding of the mares and foals, even if they are outside 
  • Mineral feed, Vivatol (same as Hämolythan) Mega Base Junior, regular anthelmintic therapy, farrier and vaccination, these things are certainly for our horses
  • Light and good air in the stable, amply boxes
  • Daily stay for several hours at the paddock or pasture during the winter
  • Daily removing the droppings, when the mares are inside the boxes during the night
  • Tieing of the youngsters during feeding, so every young horse receives its own feed. Furthermore it is a good education for them

  • Video surveillance system and birth alarm are self-evident, that we don't miss the birth 
  • Regular ultrasonic examination of the broodmares of a veterinary, insemination at the best possible time. Therefore I can do it for myself